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Riots at Centennial High School 1971

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Riots at Centennial High School 1971, is a video produced by Corbin P. an Edison Middle School student and a student in the Youth Media Workshop program. Corbin interviewed Mr. Alvin Griggs, former Edison Middle School Principal and Centennial High School Vice-Principal, about education in Champaign, IL. During the interview, Mr Griggs mentioned a race riot that occurred at Centennial High School in 1971. Corbin researched the riot and interviewed Mr. Griggs again, this time focusing on the riot. This is the edited interview, produced by Corbin.

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  1. Nice job of editing, Corbin, and great that you found historic stills to use.  So neat that you started with one idea for your story and then pursued another one based on what you heard in the first interview.

    Do you know what started the riots in the first place?  Was it a specific incident?

    Kim Kranich Kim Kranich May 26, 2010

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