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Alison Krauss Raw Phone Interview

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Alison Krauss Raw Phone Interview

Gabby and Sonie took a “field-trip” from school to come into WILL studios and conduct a phone interview with Bluegrass music star and Champaign native, Alison Krauss!  She talked to us by phone from her home in Nashville, Tennessee.

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  1. GREAT WORK LADIES!!  I did not know Alison Krauss was from Champaign.  Great questions!

    Jackie Jackie Apr 9, 2011
  2. So good to hear this exchange between Alison Krauss, Gabrielle Parsons and Sonie Toe. Young women coming of age—Alison having been there. All three very aware of time and place, the support we find in one another, the place we call home, and what lies ahead. Best, cq

    Celeste Quinn Celeste Quinn Apr 13, 2011

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